My Story

My name is Sarah Epstein, I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and a wife to a fabulously supportive husband. I have always been drawn to children, babies in particular, but didn't realize how much I wanted to incorporate them into my daily life until I had my own. 

When our daughter was born, via cesarean, I didn't realize how much my village of extra help was necessary. We got home, I was exhausted, sore, and between all the tears and hormone surges I was trying to find my groove with our new baby. Somehow, being in an uncharted territory, a sense of peace and confidence  washed over me and I remember saying to myself, "I've got this!!" 

That feeling of peaceful confidence and having the ability to care for our daughter and then eventually our son, I knew was something I wanted to share with others, it felt as though it was a natural calling and it was something I prided myself on being good at for the first time in my life. The years seemed to fly by and there was always something I felt a longing for... fast forward to 2014, the overwhelming feeling of needing to help other mothers/parents feel confident about what experiences they were about to embark on was tugging at me. I made the decision to pursue becoming a Postpartum Doula with an emphasis on Lactation Support. Having two young children has made this process a slow one, but something that I have never steered away from, it's in my heart to help a family feel confident, at peace, happy and loved. I began my education program with Birth Arts International and haven't stopped since.  4 years later, I continue to broaden my education to be a better Doula for my clients!