Allowing me to be apart of your Village and to come into your home is a very intimate experience, therefore I feel it's very important to offer a 30-45 min consultation (at no charge) to ensure your comfort and confidence in me and my abilities.  We will discuss your estimated due date, your goals for hiring a postpartum doula and how My roll would be the most useful to you and your family. This consultation does NOT obligate you to make a commitment.

All Postpartum Doula Support Includes, but not limited too....

  • Customizable Care Specific to Individual Needs

  • Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding and Equipment Support and Assistance

  • Guidance to Instinctual Parenting

  • Baby Care (diapering, bathing, nail clipping, swaddling, soothing, etc.)

  • Babywearing Education and Tips

  • Nutritious Snack / Meal Planning and Prep

  • Baby Laundry Needs

  • Resources and Referrals in the Community

  • Sibling Adjustment

  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support

  • Emotional Support

** Each package is based on a 4 hour requirement 

"To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world"



 As a Doula, I DO NOT:

  • Perform clinical tasks (such as.. blood pressure, wound exams or treatment,  ANYTHING MEDICALLY RELATED, etc.)

  • Make a diagnosis of postpartum depression, anxiety or any other clinically diagnosable conditions

  • Make decisions for you or your partner

  • Speak to anyone on your behalf

  • Project any of my OWN beliefs onto your experiences